Content Removal / DMCA Takedown

We take all content removal requests seriously and do our best to process them in a timely manner, because we understand that sometimes even short delays can be harmful to aggrieved parties.

Your report is completely CONFIDENTIAL, and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone unless we are compelled by law to do so. The user who uploaded the content will be notified that a complaint has been made and given an opportunity to respond (if applicable), but will not be provided any information about the identity of the complaintant.

However, please understand that we can only remove content for very specific reasons. We cannot remove content just because someone, somewhere finds it objectionable. Someone will always have a problem with something on the site, and we are not in the business of trying to make everyone happy about everything. We are, however, in the business of protecting the safety, privacy, and other rights of our models and users, as well as our affiliate partners. If you believe you have a legitimate complaint that falls into one of the categories below, please complete this form in its entirety.

About Filing a Copyright Complaint

In order to assert a copyright claim, you must meet some specific requirements in order to fulfill the legal elements of a claim. If you make a takedown request under the DMCA, you must be the sole legal copyright owner of the content being reported, or that owner's legal representative. You generally cannot make a copyright claim on behalf of another person or entity unless you are that person's authorized agent (e.g., attorney, management firm, professional copyright agent, etc.). You must also make a good faith affirmation that to the best of your knowledge, the copyright owner has not authorized distribution of the content in question. Also, by the act of submitting a copyright claim via this form, you are attaching your electronic signature which will serve as a legal signature. Please be aware that knowingly making false copyright claims may subject you to civil liability for damages.

What Happens Next?

Once we receive a complaint, you will receive a notification at the e-mail address provided that we have received the complaint and that a case has been opened. If the complaint involves violation of our Terms of Service, it is usually resolved quickly by an administrator. If the complaint involves a copyright claim, the uploader is entitled to a make a counter-notification. As soon as we receive the complaint, the media is temporarily disabled while we conduct an investigation into the claim. We will notify the uploader that a copyright claim has been made and that the media has been temporarily disabled. The uploader will then have 72 hours to respond that the media has been disabled through mistake or misidentification, or the uploader may assert a claim to be the legal copyright owner. If we do not receive a response from the uploader within the allotted time frame, the media is permanently removed, the matter is closed, and you will receive a notice of the resolution. If we do receive a counter notice, we will contact you to resolve the issue. In order to assert a claim of copyright infringement on the site