Q. What makes your site different?

A. The difference is that it's actually curated by real people who love quality porn, and we don't let any shit through. We only allow the stuff we would jack off to ourselves. Every video is looked at and signed off by an admin, and if it isn't good enough, it gets rejected. We take pride in the site and try to make sure that the models look as glamorous and sexy as possible, and that the porn is always 100% fap-worthy. You won't find any broken links or "This video has been removed" crap because we host all our own content and never embed from other sites. That's the cheap way, and only amateurs do that.

Q. Don't tube sites just use pirated content that hurts performers and studios?

A. Some do, but the adult entertainment ecosystem is complex, and there is a place for responsible tube sites. Tubes can provide a platform for independent models and small studios to showcase their material and build grassroots popularity by uploading to a lot of user-generated sites without a lot of red tape. Without naming names, a great many of the biggest adult stars today would never have achieved the level of popularity and success they have if not for the proliferation of tube sites, torrents, and user uploads. Sometimes we walk a fine line, but we always try to stay on the right side of it. Tube sites are like guns - they can be either bad or good, depending on whose hands they are in.

Q. Where do you get your content?

A. Lots of different places. Most of it comes from our affiliate partners in the form of teasers and partial scenes that are provided to us as part of our promotional agreements. Some is acquired automatically by scrapers that retrieve content from other adult sites like PornHub, xHamster, and xVideos. Still other content is uploaded by our users and published after it's approved by a moderator.

Q. Aren't you concerned about copyright infringement?

A. Of course we are. Our goal is to be a good content partner for our models and affiliate studios, and we take that role seriously. Our goal is never to take money out of anyone's pockets, but instead, to make the pie bigger for everyone. To be clear, our affiliate agreements with our partners prohibit intentional distribution of copyrighted content without permission, and affiliate programs are a significant way that we make money. We're not going to jeopardize that. If someone makes a copyright claim, we take action quickly to protect both them and ourselves. But let's be completely honest for a moment - the porn industry owes its very existence to the grassroots home/individual piracy market, going back all the way to the popularity of the VCR in the 1980s. If not for VHS tape copying, Napster, Limewire, Bittorrent, etc, the porn industry would be nowhere near as large or profitable today. The ones whining the loudest about infringement are generally also the ones having record financial years, so let's keep things in perspective.

Q: I'm a model or content producer. Do you have a model program?

A: Yes! Give us a shout to see how we can partner with you to help promote your content and put some extra money in your pockets.

Q. I heard that the girls in these videos were being coerced or tricked into doing porn. What's the deal with that?

A. By and large, the models in these videos fully understand what they are doing and consent to have their image distributed for monetary compensation. However, there have been some credible allegations of fraud and human trafficking against a tiny handful of adult studios, such as Czech Casting and GirlsDoPorn. We do not do business with these studios or allow any of their content on the site because we take a strong stand against those types of practices.

Q. How do you make money?

A. A lot of the time we don't. We make a little bit through affiliate referral programs and ad revenue, so we get a little piece of whatever you spend at other sites. We also offer a VIP membership for a small monthly fee that provides access to all of our very best, hardest-to-find stuff. But to be clear, we are not getting rich from this, and most months we barely cover hosting costs. The majority of the site is completely free, so that's why we ask you to turn off your ad blocker and at least click a few ads to help us out, even if you don't buy anything. It costs you nothing and helps us keep the site going.

Q. Is there any adware or spyware on the site?

A. Never. The FoxyMedia network runs clean sites, and there is never any malware of any sort. You will NEVER see any adware, spyware, links to warez, or other sketchy content on any of our sites. We run very modest ads where you can see them, and there is never anything hidden. We also don't do business with affiliate partners who use those tactics, so you can feel safe clicking on any ad on the site. 

Q. I have a problem with something on the site. What can I do?

A. Firstly, you need to understand that someone will always have a problem with something on the site, and we are not in the business of making everyone happy about everything. That being said, we do take content complaints seriously and we have a list of very specific situations in which content can be removed from the site. The most common are child exploitation, copyright, and harassment, but there are others. If you believe you have a valid complaint about something on the site, please use our Removal Request Form to make a formal request. We are friendly and reasonable folks.

Q. I don't approve of Internet porn/tube sites/cam sites/whatever and don't think you should be here. 

A. Well, you can just fuck all the way off.